Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sunshine at last...

but only for a day or two.
We made the most of it though and spent the majority of the day out in our back garden (if you can call long grass and tangled weeds a garden).
C loved it...I could tell she was wondering what that shiny bright thing in the sky was, and why did it hurt her eyes to look at it. It's amazing what a bit of fresh air and sunshine will do for the soul. Maybe it's just getting out of the house, not being cooped up with two bored kids. Unfortunately today we are back to rain.  The table and chairs look so forlorn out in the backyard...all abandoned and covered in water. The (very very long) grass is drenched again and will take at least three days of no rain to dry out enough to doesn't matter anyway because our lawn mower is broken. That's enough complaining about the rain...we are in the depths of a drought here and I really should be rejoicing about it instead of cursing it.
The thing is though...I was determined to get my patch of back garden weeded so that little miss 3 and I could plant some seeds that she chose at Bunnings. I even purchased weed mat, because of course last time I weeded it and had it looking beautiful I didn't use any and the weeds grew back like crazy and I couldn't keep up with the weeding (huge belly and all, followed by the velcro baby).
This is the garden back when S was just a littl'un, around 11 months. Now it is overrun with weeds. It's been low on my list of priorities for a long time, but with the weather warming up it would be nice to be able to safely spend some time outside with the girls. With this is mind I began the monumental task of weeding...I spent half an hour on it and it doesn't even look like I've made a dent, but we will get there...slowly but surely. Which reminds me...I really need to take some cuttings for someone so they can also get their garden in shape...I will get to it I promise.

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