Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Holiday is Over...

Mr two pixies went back to work this week. We didn't do a great deal for his 2 weeks of annual leave, but it was nice to just hang a family of four, which is something we haven't really done much of.

As already mentioned we went down to the beach for 2 nights...

C was still facing rearward in her carseat for the 2 and a half hour trip. She only managed to sleep for an hour on the way down, so we had a stop off for lunch in Mortlake. Miss S harldy stopped talking the entire we tried to distract her by getting her to look for a Koala in the trees on the side of the road...worked a treat, in fact she still looks for them every time we drive anywhere.

C had all her daytime sleeps in the car while we where away, which was a bit of a bonus for me. I got to indulge my little obsession with these things. The windfarm near Portland is not nearly as impressive as the one a Waubra, but we didn't really manage to get very close to them.

I really don't like taking photos in the middle of the day with all the harsh shadows and bright light...and this is why!!!  I'm really not happy with it, especially the bright dot of sunlight on her top lip where she is biting it. I do however love the composition and the I thought I would share it anyway.  The other one was taken on the steps of the place we stayed. I didn't manage to actually get any photos of the outside of the building itself. It was on the main street of Koroit. I'm so happy that we stayed there and not in Warnambool. It was quiet (except for all the dairy truck in the middle of the night, but I've lived on busier streets so It didn't bother) and easy to get to and Koroit is a lovely friendy little town.

We didn't go into the Tower Hill Reserve, but here it is...

I remember as a child climbing this hill over and over with my family on our regular trips to Warnambool. It felt incredibly steep to me then. As we were leaving to head home I made Mr two pixies stop so I could show the girls a turtle that was crossing the road just near where this photo was taken...silly man, he picked it up and it peed all over him.

We stopped in Colac for an ice cream and a break...then put the unwilling back into the car and drove home...and our mini break was over.

We did turn the car seat around to face forward for C after this trip. We headed down to the beach again (closer to home this time) and it was a whole new experience for her...she loved it.

That trip is a whole other blog entry in itself...I'll get to it eventually.


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