Friday, November 27, 2009

It broke...AGAIN!!!!

and this time I was calm enough to get a photo.

It snapped back together's like the lens with 9 lives.

Still works...I think it probably has a ridiculous amount of dust in it though.

Just got back from the Dentist (arrgghh!!!) Had my final of 3 fillings today. Looks like being a very lean Christmas this year. When did fillings start to cost $200+ each. My bank account says OUCH!!
My upper lip and nose are completely numb, absolutely the strangest feeling ever.

and just because I can't have a post full of  bad news...check out this gorgeousness

taken barely 5 minutes apart in the car on our way to Geelong...Sweet Girl...Love her...Still getting accustomed to those toothie pegs.

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