Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Childhood Memories and a Sleepless Baby

It was a lovely day last Wednesday, and everyone had pretty much recovered from the nasty stomach virus, so we packed up the girls and headed out for a drive. To tell the truth the intention was to get Miss C to have a sleep, but she wasn't playing along. We ended up out at Lal Lal Falls. My memories are very vague, but I remember visiting there often with my family and climbing down the steep hill to the very bottom of the falls. This would have been back in the mid eighties. Now it is all fenced off and the stairs we used to go down have been removed. Most likely as the result of an accident in the 90's where two teenage girls on a school excursion fell to their deaths. It is incredibly dry now, and alot of the trees are dead or dying. The well worn path we walked is still visible from the viewing platform. Lovely memories of a happy childhood.

There is a playground and toilets and a picnic area now, and we spent a little bit of time there before we jumped back in the car in hopes that the 10 month old  would sleep on the drive home. Again she had a different idea...

I have a feeling she is ready to drop back to one sleep a day...Oh the horror. We tried it on Thursday and all she managed was 35 minutes sleep, so she went back for an afternoon sleep. Seems to be if she sleeps for an hour to an hour and a half that is enough for her. She is quite content to be awake from Midday to bedtime at 8!!! My memory isn't great, but I'm sure her sister transitioned to one sleep at about 10 months, and then no daytime sleep by 14 months...eeek!!
Oh well, you do what you can. There is no way to make them sleep more, and in my opinion the old saying "sleep breeds sleep" is just a load of absolute rubbish. I would much prefer to have her sleep at night...Not exactly sure when that is gonna happen, but anyway...

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