Monday, November 16, 2009

More Canola...

...up close and personal. I think that should satisfy my obsession for the yellow flowers for a while.

Actually I have had a little change of heart about the Canola...When I drove through a native forest and saw it infiltrating like a nasty weed. It's seems to be spreading everywhere, and if it isn't cut down it just keep on growing, to ridiculously large proportions. *sigh*

On a completely different note. Charlottes first birthday is a matter of weeks away, and I am in serious denial. I don't want my little baby girl to be a toddler. I haven't even sent out the invites for her party yet. Sooo disorganised. I need to get to Officeworks and do some copying for them, but the child in question is in bed, and I'm hoping she stays there for another hour or so. She has dropped down to one sleep, because she has been really difficult to get to sleep at night.

Hope to head off to the beach again on Wednesday with the girls...should be fun now that little Miss 3 has decided the beach is okay.

Will have more beach photos after then hopefully.


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