Tuesday, March 22, 2011

At 8 weeks...

my not so little man is 5.6kg (that's 12pound 5oz for those of you who like imperial measurements)  and 57cm (22.5inches) long.

He's like a little beachball baby...almost as heavy as Miss C was at 4 months old...good grief!

He is...
smiling and cooing
rolling consistently from front to back (frustrating when mummy wants him to have tummy time)
staying awake for an hour and a half
sometimes having a long day sleep in bed (mine, not his)
waking 2 or 3 times in the night to feed (not that I can really keep track when I  just roll over, feed him and go back to sleep myself)
interacting more
sucking his fists
kicking his legs (alot)
preferring to be held upright
a champion farter
being smothered by his adoring sisters
crying if anyone raises their voice
not very fond of strangers
almost growing out of his 000 clothes already (I still can't believe how big he is)

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