Monday, March 21, 2011

Daybook Monday

Outside My Window...the sun is just beginning to peek through the clouds and shine down on my freshly mown lawn.

I am thinking...that I should really be getting my girls dressed and ready to go out...we have an appointment with the MCHN...Mr D is due for his 8 week immunisations today.

I am thankful Dad...he has put in some very hard work to help us get the garden under some control, there's still tons more work to do which will be difficult with a tiny baby and a reluctant partner but we'll get there.

From the kitchen...a box of fruit and vegetables from Aussie Farmers Direct delivered to my yummy

I am wearing...comfortable clothes...I think my belly is growing rather than shrinking...maybe I should stop eating so much chocolate.

I am the MCHN later today, and try to visit Mr Pixies at work...they haven't seen Mr D since he was 2 weeks old and the owners very generously bought him a huge I need to take them a thank you card and visit.

I am reading...The latest Donna Hay's all summery with salads and ice creams. We didn't have much of a summer here so we haven't really been eating salads. We have been eating ice creams though, they're good for all year round aren't they :)

I am hoping...that little Mr D sleeps better today than he did yesterday...or I shall rename him the "cat napper"!

I am hearing...Birds chirping in my tree outside, buzz lightyear on the TV in the sewing room, and silence from a sleeping babe

Around the house...we have bare floorboards in the lounge...Miss C spilt an entire large McCafe coffe (one that I had been craving  needing ALL Day) on the rug. Said rug had to be cleaned out in the yard, which gave me a blister on the inside of my knuckle OUCH!! and made for a very cranky mummy on Saturday afternoon...the rug is still drying.

A few plans for the rest of the sleep change nappies feed the baby  feed the kids walk to kinder rock the baby pat the baby get frustrated get cabin fever prune a rose bush spray some weeds do the washing do the dishes clean my dining table tell my children I love them walk to the supermarket and hope it doesn't rain too much

A photo to share...

We picniked at Lal Lal Falls last Sunday...just the 5 of was lovely and peaceful and the falls have water going over them again...

So there you have it, a Daybook Monday post as promised...albeit slightly may take me a while to work myself back into it, and I may revise some of the questions.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend...

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