Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Daybook Monday on a Tuesday

Outside My Window...cold and wet...my backyard is the tidiest "room" in the house following a major cleanup operation.

I am thinking...that Miss S was an angel toddler compared to her sister...C is the epitomy of a terrible two year old...I won't deny that it's due to lack of discipline on my part, trying to get her back into line now that Mr D is a bit more manageable...bound to be a monumental task.

I am thankful for...clothes...from Celeste...very very thankful.

From the kitchen...Bagels with sesame seeds! Yummo! Thanks to Aussie Farmers Direct. It's so nice to have food delivered to your doorstep, and I love that on my bank statement it says "payment to stay in bed". CUTE!

I am going...to write sticky notes and put them up around the house to remind me of the things I need to do...my pixies haven't had their hair washed in too long...I keep forgetting bad mumma

I am hoping...that our Easter getaway to Yarrawonga goes far more smoothly than I am anticipating it will. I have set my expectations for a 4 hour drive with a 4 year old, 2 year old and 12 week old very low in the hopes that they will be exceeded.

I am hearing...coos and gurgles and giggles from my little man. Oh so sweet...can't believe he is 11 weeks old already.

Around the house...Girls playing (arguing) in their room, baby boy awake and happily sitting next to me in his bouncy, TV on ABC2, heater on, washing Mr D's new blanket, curtains all open to let the light in, polenta on the floor (thankyou Miss C).

A few plans for the rest of the week...Buy kids sleeping bags, organise 60th Birthday party, organise mothers day presents...and birthday presents, make to do lists, remember to make to do lists!!

A photo to share...a very cute outtake from our mini photo shoot...couldn't decide between colour or black and white!!

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