Thursday, April 7, 2011

Who came up with the great idea...

...of Daylight Savings?
Whoever it was obviously didn't have small children!

Ever since we put the clocks back 1 hour on Sunday morning, the girls have been out of bed at the crack of dawn...6am...and the boy sleeps well (waking every 3 hours) until around 4am, then wakes every 30 minutes or so until which time we give up and get out of bed.
Ugghh!! I hate it.
Little ones don't understand the concept of time...and resetting the body clock is a bit of a longer process for them. I think Mr D may even still be confused about night and day at this stage. He was sleeping well before though!!

Makes for a very tired mumma and dadda...and a cranky 2 and a bit year old too :)

On a completely different subject...
We staged a little photo shoot yesterday to try and get a decent photo of the 3 for my mums mothers day present...OH BOY! How difficult is it to get at least 2 kiddos to look at the camera at the same time?
I don't really expect the 10 week old to cooperate, but his biggest sister...well she should know better.
We had a bit of a moment there...we butted heads...we are both as stubborn as each other!

This is the best we could do!

One of these photos will be going on a coffee mug for her to use at work...because that's what she wanted.


  1. Can't believe how much he's grown. So cute!... Kathryn