Monday, April 4, 2011

Daybook Monday

Outside My Window...It looks awfully cold for early autumn...a giant orb spider has taken us residence in our potato creeper, it spins a huge web every night and catches moths. It's getting so big that it is starting to creep me out a bit. I won't go out there at night to put a nappy in the bin for fear of walking into it's web.

I am thinking...that everything is just a little bit more difficult with 3...and that a bigger gap between 2 and 3 like I planned would have been better...but then we probably wouldn't have our handsome boy!!

I am thankful, because even though Mr D woke up every hour last night, he was right beside me and I didn't have to get out of bed in the cold.

From the kitchen...Chocolate Waffles, YUM! S asked for waffles for lunch so that's what we are having. It's been so long since I made these that I actually had to consult the recipe.

I am walk to the supermarket if I can time it right. Hoping for a sunny spell when Mr D is due for a sleep so he can go in the hug a bub for a snooze.

I am reading...blogs, gathering ideas for future projects...when Velcro Baby is not quite as sticky :)

I am create a photo book for each of my girls for the first year of their lives. I'm struggling to find photos of Miss S that are good quality. Am learning that my photography has certainly evolved in the the past 5 years, and making me glad I now have a DSLR and a better lens.

I am hearing...Miss S singing 'the opposite song' from this DVD (a new favourite), while she cuts and pastes (she's making a monster).

Around the house...dishes to be washed; floor to be vacuumed; clothes all washed, dried and put away;  baby asleep.

A few plans for the rest of the week...finish washing the windows, do some gardening, enjoy my children, do some sewing (making one of these for Master DS)

A photo to babies...

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  1. My goodness they are alike when you see them like this!
    and I get what you say about photography evolving! We've both come a long way hey?