Monday, April 18, 2011

Daybook Monday

Outside My Window...The sky is beginning to cloud over and the street is relatively rush must be over (uh! no's holidays...oops!), home from work rush yet to start.

I am thinking...that I am a terrible mother. The 12 week old won't sleep for more than an hour at a stretch, the two year old screams every time she doesn't get her own way, and the four and a half year old antagonises her sister and doesn't have an 'indoor voice'. I am going slowly mad and wondering what it is about my parenting style that has generated this result and what I can do to rectify it.

I am thankful for...Miss S being able to get Mr D to giggle madly...she's roaring like a dinosaur...apparently he loves it.

From the kitchen...fairy bread...a healthy and nutritious snack for the pixies and I...far from it, but I don't have the energy to argue

I am tidy the house while Mr Pixies is at cricket tonight...what ridiculous sort of time is 9:20 for a game of indoor cricket?

I am get some more sleep. Sleep dep is a nasty nasty menace...It makes me grumpy mumma.

I am hearing...Mr D just beginning to grump again. He has a 10 minute window when I can put him down on the floor. Classic Velcro baby.

Around the house...Miss C has pulled a pile of magazines out of the bookshelf in my craft room, the tent and airbeds are waiting in there for Easter weekend, small pieces of paper everywhere thanks to Miss S who I have allowed to use scissors again, dining table is tidy,

A few plans for the rest of the week...get organised for our Easter trip, remain calm, don't lose my patience with my children or my (non)husband. Clean the house before we go away so I have a nice shiny house to return to...something to make me smile.

A photo to share...she is turning 5 in less than 10 weeks...and is now officialy enrolled in Primary school, oh my...I thought that was something I would never get to do. She is lovely and exasperating and polite and demanding and LOUD!! Love her. Do you think I will miss her when she is at school every week day??

Have a good week!!


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  1. Ah... I can relate to the screaming two year old who MUST have their own way - and the lack of 'indoor voices'. Hoping he'll soon grow out of both. Wishful thinking?!.. Kathryn