Monday, May 16, 2011

Daybook Monday

FOR TODAY...16th May 2011

Outside My Window...It's grey and dreary, I forget how much I dislike winter until it arrives (technically it isn't even winter yet, just feels like it).

I am thinking...what was I thinking!! Oh! and that I need to move my photo files to my external hard many photos...haven't done it since about November, very naughty.

I am thankful improving relationship with my parents. Things are quite often tenses between us because of my older brother who still lives at home with them who for one reason or another we don't get along with. They have been visiting more's nice to see more of them.

From the kitchen...homemade vegetable and lentil kids love this (my mums recipe of course)...I love it too, even better with a smoked ham hock cooked in it.

I am wearing...a baby...he slept on me alot yesterday (think way overtired screaming baby in much need of a long sleep which only ever happens in mums arms), and now he thinks its the status quo. At least it gives me a chance to blog, even if it is one handed.

I am creating...Some winter clothes for Miss C, since the wintery weather has hit with a vengeance she requires something warm to walk to Kinder in the mornings. Will be making this pattern out of some thrifted fabrics that Mr Pixies lovely Nana gave me.

I am going...for a walk with my 3 pixies later. We need fresh air and an escape from the house. If I can manage to convince them to get dressed.

I am reading...through some old daybook posts...reminiscing, reflecting.

I am hoping...that the little cough that Miss C has doesn't spread to the rest of the family. I'm over the cold season already and it's only just beginning. Of course we can expect to be sick more with S being at Kinder.

I am hearing...what else but ABC4Kids...oh and a baby gently snoring next to my ear...gorgeous boy.
Around the house...washing all clean, folded and put away...piles and piles of it on the dining room table yesterday, pink and blue. Dishwasher waiting to be unloaded. Coffee machine waiting to be used. Kitchen bench waiting to be wiped. Heater on.

One of my favourite things...smiles from my baby, especially in the morning when he has just woken, even though he has spent the night right next to me sleeping peacefully.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Kinder run which will hopefully go smoothly this week. Start looking for a birthday present for Miss S who is turning 5 and wants a Jessie (from Toy Story). Do some de-cluttering, especially of my sewing room (not that I want to work out there when it's freezing...need a heater out there).

A photo to share... My little man in a hat knitted by his Nanna...I only had to mention in passing that he needed hats for winter and she had one knitted in an afternoon.

Hope everyone has a good week


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  1. Look at those lips!
    super cute - and yes I am getting the cold thing. Brr - over it already too!