Thursday, May 5, 2011


I was planning on doing a "photo a day in May" (of my boy) cos is rhymes so nicely hehe!! But here we are on the 5th day of the month already and I have failed miserably...I didn't even remember I had promised myself I would do this until yesterday.! Not so good with the remembering at the moment. Baby Brain!!!

There's no reason I can't start from today though...although it does offend my sense of order to start something like this 5 days in, if I don't do it now my boy will be 10 years old before I know it :)
I could just fudge it and pretend that I started on the 1st...but I would know...I would feel guilt...I will do my best to remember...I will write it on a post it and stick it on the bathroom mirror!!

I did manage to get a pirate outfit finished for Miss S in time for Kinder on Tuesday morning...and I took photos...shock horror!

Everyone looked fantastic...Pirate Pete came to visit and they sang songs, danced and had a treasure hunt to while away a 3 hour Kinder session...she had a great time, and was so pleased that she received a bag of gold chocolate coins to bring home...lovely girl shared them with Mum, Dad and little Sister.

Can you believe how much smaller Miss S is next to her bestie...S is only 13 days younger...

I so love that top I made her that I plan to make one out of some nice vintage floral fabric...but with buttons and some more shaping...will make a nice little winter tunic.

Wish me luck on my sewing and photo taking adventures this month...


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