Monday, March 29, 2010

Daybook Monday

FOR TODAY... 29th of March 2010

Outside My Window...It's a grey old day...but it's still warm.

I am thinking...that I really need to get some more sleep. I am fighting a head cold, that turns into a vicious sore throat around 7 o'clock at night. I just feel really drained. I think Miss C slept through last night!!! Although I can't be sure that I didn't just roll over and feed her in the middle of the night...I should say she didn't wake up and cry out last night!!

I am thankful for...Miss S being able to entertain herself for a time while Miss C sleeps.
From the kitchen...Pumpkin roasting in honey in preparation to be turned into soup...I've never been a big fan of the pumpkin soup, but homemade is lovely and I have declared Mr Pixies sport nights as soup night. Makes life a little easier.

I am wearing...Covet...after years and years of not being allowed to wear perfume (because my father is sensitive to smells), it's nice to be able to have that little bit of luxury every day.

I am creating...something for my girls for easter...that isn't made of chocolate

I am do my grocery shopping *sigh* when the little pixie wakes up.

I am reading...the weather forecast for Yarrawonga...and all about rubbish free lunchboxes.

I am hoping...that my brother in law fixes the air bed so that Mr Pixies, Miss C and I have something to sleep on in Yarrawonga...cos I really don't wanna sleep on the ground. Sleeping in a tent isn't even my thing, but it's our only option if we want to spend easter with our family.

I am 3 year old explaining why the crease of one of her toes is cracked and bleeding. "It's cracked because it hasn't had enough rain". Like the walls of the house being cracked from the ground shifting because of drought.

Around the house...the kitchen is clean and my craft room is also it just needs a bit of dressing...some shelves perhaps, maybe some paint. I need to convince my dad to come and help me hang a new door, which I will then paint with Chalkboard Paint for the girls to go wild with.

One of my favourite things...Miss C having a long sleep in the early afternoon. It allows me the tiniest amount of down time.

A few plans for the rest of the week...prep for camping...organise something to keep the girls occupied for the long car trip we will be taking...get the house spotless before we go so my mum doesn't have to contend with it while we are away...finish doing the "easter bunny thing"...Doctor appointment.

A photo to are a bit lite on around here at the moment...this is the reaction I get when I say smile...apparently a smile involves sticking ones tongue out...

Have a good week...

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