Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Little Monsters

The two pixies have been two monsters lately.

This one...
...has taken to biting and squealing...mostly when she doesn't get her own way. She thinks it's giggle worthy when mummy says ouch and snatches her hand away from the tiny teeth. She drops her lip and cries when you tell her off...it's funny...but it's not a good idea to laugh.
I am in total denial that she is now 15 months old and should be learning what is and isn't acceptable behaviour.

and this one...
...where do I begin. Should I just say "She's 3".
Everything, and I do mean everything, is an argument with her. We have been getting lots of foot stamping and crocodile tears (she could easily win an Academy Award!!). She doesn't like to get dressed, she doesn't like to eat, she doesn't like to play nice with her sister. It's not all bad though...she doesn't really argue about going to bed. Small but important mercy.
Her and her sister have been at each other all morning. I wasn't prepared for the fighting and arguing to begin quite so early...how naive of me.

Sometimes I feel like the most incompetant mother in the world. I feel like a postive feral when I see some of the other mums at Kinder. My self esteem plummets. They seem to have it all together...or is it an illusion??

I love my little monsters

 and that's what matters right!!

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