Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My lovely and very talented sister in law recently recommended that I try switching the picture style on my camera to faithful.
After playing around with different actions for a while I have come back to wanting some nice natural looking shots of the girls.  I think that it has made a difference...Miss 3 and I had an impromptu photo shoot while Miss 15 months had her afternoon nap.
She has messy hair and is dressed in a distracting t-shirt and a fairy skirt but we had FUN. She has come through the stage where she doesn't want the camera in her face and is now more than willing to pose...in fact she didn't want to stop. I even let her take a photo with my camera.
These photos haven't had much post processing at all...a little lighten and some eye pop.

These are probably the nicest photos of this kid I have taken in quite some time.

This is her Blund from Ikea (bought when she was 6 months old)...currently named Cindebrella...yes it's Cinderella with a b in the middle. Doesn't matter how many times I try to correct her she insists that its Cindebrella. I held the camera, she pointed it and pressed the button...she did a good job.

Managed to make it to the Rhubarb sale last week and picked up a few things including this dress...

which is labelled 3 - 6 months on the tag. I thought it a little large for a little bub and decided it might fit my pixie...and obviously it does. Bit of a tight squeeze to get it over her head, but it's the perfect length and fits beautifully around her chest. Even the sleeves are a good length on her. Very cute. All it needs is a bright red flower for embellishment me thinks.

Feeling a little bit back to myself today...boy have I been difficult to live with for the past week. I HATE feeling so tired and drained and GRUMPY. So if I have been nasty or seemed distracted...my apologies.

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