Friday, June 10, 2011

Final Installment At Last is the last instalment of my Photo a Day in May (and a little bit of June).
I really don't know how people do the 365 thing!!
I found it really difficult to stick with this...even with a gorgeous subject. Maybe that was the problem though...maybe a bit of variety in what I could shoot would have stirred my enthusiasm a bit more. Or perhaps it's just the fact that we've all been dealing with illness. Two days respite between colds is not pleasant for a 4 month old...or a 2 and a half year old...or even for Mumma.
Heres to a more healthy June...

I may make another attempt at this later in the year...with a set theme for every day...or some photo scavenger hunts...something to keep me interested...anyone want to join me??



  1. I'll join you. Really need to get some use out of this camera of mine, and definately need to work on my photography skills! A challenge sounds like a great idea... Kathryn

  2. Well done! I have a few more days to post yet!