Monday, June 6, 2011

Hello Old Friend...Daybook Monday

FOR TODAY...6th June 2011

Outside My Window...COLD!!

I am thinking...I wish I knew how to get Mr D to sleep through more than one sleep cycle during the's driving me nuts. The only successful way so far is to hold him while he sleeps. TOTALLY impractical. Once he opens his eyes he's totally awake...point of no return.

I am thankful for...A return to better night time sleeping...hallelujah. 3 hour stretch of sleep is BLISS.

From the kitchen...An oven waiting for an expensive repair job!!!How long can one live without an oven?? Not much longer would be my thought...2 birthdays coming up in the next 3 weeks...can't bake cakes without an oven :(

I am wearing...something comfortable and warm...NOT one of these..although that's looking pretty darn tempting!

I am creating...still working on photo books for the kids first year! Miss C is almost done, Mr D's is started (not yet up to date though), and Miss S...well I'm dreading looking through all those pre-SLR photos. Monumental task...bit of perfectionism going on here.
I am reading...Japanese sewing book...well obviously I'm not "reading" it considering I can't read Japanese...but it has pretty easy to follow pictorial instructions. Clothes for the pixies to be made in the near future.

I am hearing...the 2 pixies playing the electric organ that was my late grandpa's. We get it out occasionally and they have fun with it for about an hour before they get bored with it (and the noise gets to be too much).

Around the toilet is in a disgusting state...and I don't want to go near it. I can't avoid it for much longer...

One of my favourite things...fresh dates...

A few plans for the rest of the week...I need to sew...desperately...clean the oven, make a cake hopefully, get my hair cut (wishful thinking on that one). Try to train the boy to sleep a longer stretch during the day (wishful thinking on that one also).

A photo to share... how cold??

Have a good week

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