Friday, June 24, 2011

A letter to my 5 month old

Dear Mr D,
My oh my how quickly the last five months have flown by. How much you have changed and learnt. I would never have imagined that you would be rolling and sitting up on your own at four and a half months. Very clever of you really.
Unfortunately your not so clever when it comes to sleeping. Don't you think it's time you started sleeping more than 45 minutes at a stretch during the day? (Even if you do wake up happy on most occasions). Or perhaps you could think about sleeping longer than 2 hours during the night...I must admit that although you do tend to wake often in the night, you barely ever wake up completely. It's just the kind of awake where I can roll over and give you what you need to drift back off. Which isn't to say that it's not exhausting, because it is.
For all your catnapping, you are a remarkably happy little bubba...I love the way your sisters can set you off into mad giggling like no one else can.
I love that you are happy to sit on the floor and play with your toys for a while now.
I love that you breastfeed to sleep (could cause problems later, but it's lovely to live in the moment).
I love that you are right there next to me every I can hear you breathe and feel you reach out for me. I wasn't so happy when you started screaming every time I swaddles you, so I think graduating to the sleeping bag was a good move. It hasn't made you sleep any worse...nor any better.
I love laying in bed and watching you sleep when I have the opportunity, not that your sisters afford me that opportunity very often.
I love your gorgeous blue eyes, and those divine eyelashes...not so keen on the constant dribble.
I love that you have been cold free for two weeks now...yay!! (knocks on wood so as not to jinx it!!).
I am so glad that you are in our lives, that you make our family complete.
Of course it hasn't all been sunshine and roses...there have been some very dark days for me, but I think at last that the fog is lifting. It's time to focus on raising you to be a good man. To raise your sisters to be good women, to be respectful, to dream big.
I look forward to watching you grow, to being a being the best we can be...looking forward.
Love you more than you can ever imagine,

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