Friday, June 3, 2011

Penultimate Installment

Starting to lose my interest in Photo a Day in May by now...With all the kids being sick and Mr D not sleeping very well I asked Mr Pixies to take a week off work to help me out...and bless him he did just that. Things are on the improve now and I'm feeling slightly more human and more on top of things (less out of control at least). D also had his 4 month immunisations yesterday...strangely we had the best night sleep in 3 weeks...go figure.

5 more days of photos to go. Didn't get a photo today...we went for a drive to check out some display homes...I've been keen to have a look for a while, and it just confirmed for us that this is what we want in our next house...we particularly like this one.

Back soon with the final installment.

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